Checkout Empress Njamah's Beautiful Christmas Photos & Messages To All

Actress Empress Njamah is a beauty that keeps on getting better as the day goes by. She is a darling and a blessing to the Nigeria movie industry and to the less privileged people in the country as she made it a duty to help people by founding organization on that "Empress Njamah Foundation.

The Nollywood darling shared this beautiful Christmas picture and messages on her Instagram page wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and wonderful new year ahead. In one of her numerous messages:

Compliment to you all as we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Whom later gave his life for us! The question is, what have we done in return to appreciate our Lord?its not too late to be thankful to him, rather than curse, hate, betray,envy,live a fake life, find fault n backstabbing others!

Let's sit, think n make a change! Love ourselves , care for the needy , be our brothers keeper! Start by loving ourselves n the rest will fall in place!

Merry Xmas all!